Places is relevant for now. … Nazimova was ahead of her time fighting the things that women are still fighting for today.… We cannot be put in closets or be punished for our talent due to our sexual preferences. Romy Nordlinger shows us the life, energy and drive behind this woman who paved the way for so many others.

– Susanna Bowling, Times Square Chronicle

“PLACES! is a must-see one-person multimedia play about what happens when a woman dares to be different and asserts her right to be accepted in a male-dominated environment. Nordlinger not only wrote the play but also plays the title character. Nazimova would be proud of her.”

– Karynne Summars, Editor and Senior Writer, Hedonist Magazine


Recommendation by Alexander Dinelaris, Academy Award winning screenwriter of Birdman

“Every so often the stars align. In this case those stars are Nordlinger and Nazimova. Channeling the spirit and sensuality of an artist to whom attention must be paid, Romy Nordlinger gives us a tiny window into the complicated life of a complicated and tenacious woman of the theater.”

An Outstanding Production

By Marina Kennedy, Broadway World

It is an important piece of theatre that will touch the minds and hearts of viewers.

Romy Nordlinger is brilliant in the role of Alla Nazimova. She brings her character to life and captures the passion, the drama, and the humor of the spirited actress. Nordlinger’s reimagining of Nazimova's personal and professional life is inspirational.

A beautifully honest portrayal of a talented woman who was a true trailblazer for the LGBT community.

Compliments all around to the team that brings Places to the stage.

Audiences for Places not only experience theatrical history but have an opportunity to consider timeless social statements about struggle, success and acceptance.

This is a show that should have a long life in the theatre.


By Darryl Reilly, Theater Scene

Romy Nordlinger gives a magnetic performance as Alla Nazimova, the stage and silent movie star in Places

The glamorous Ms. Nordlinger dramatically enters and charismatically holds forth for 65 minutes. With skillful comic timing, slight Russian inflections and emotional range, she enacts the life story of the performer who was once widely celebrated and then faded into relative obscurity.

Nick T. Moore’s sound design adds an ethereal dimension with its fluctuating volume that powerfully renders the clips of old songs and effects. Mr. Moore’s original eerie score is a tuneful combination of the past and modern tones.

Her skillful, well-researched and assembled biographical facts are laced with feminist slanted commentary, and knowledge of events that occurred after Nazimova’s death. Madonna and Lady Gaga are cited as beneficiaries of Nazimova’s trailblazing path. There are film images of notable personages that include Barbara Walters, Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Hillary Clinton and lots of Donald Trump. This all infuses the show with a refreshing contemporary streak.

Places succeeds both as a showcase for Romy Nordlinger’s considerable talents as well as restoring Nazimova to the public consciousness.

Places at the East to Edinburgh Festival

By Tami Shaloum, Stage Buddy

Places is not just a story about a forgotten actress, it’s about how being a strong, powerful woman in business can be dangerous. The powers that be, primarily men, will always try to drag a woman down if she’s too successful. It’s astonishing to realize that this is still happening, nearly 100 years later. But Nazimova’s story is not a cautionary one but an inspirational one. She lived life out and proud and was taken down for it but she definitely lived. Places makes sure you know that Alla Nazimova regrets nothing.

Nordlinger narrates Places as though she were Nazimova’s ghost talking about her own past but speaking to a contemporary audience. She portrays the actress as a seductive hedonist with unmatched confidence and decadent proclivities.

Places Revitalizes
Alla Nazimova

by Carole Di Tosti, Theater Pizzazz

This enlightening production’s currency is chilling. It is a superb, striking must-see.

Romy Nordlinger has crafted a fascinating account of the glamorous, forward-thinking theater and silent screen star Alla Nazimova, who shares her life story from beyond the veil. Nordlinger’s solo, multi-media performance is charming, humorous and candid.

Nordlinger, who portrays Nazimova, with stylized grace and aplomb, reveals the arc of Nazimova’s evolution.

It is in aligning the past with the present that this production Places is its most trenchant, vital and significant for our time. This artist (revealed in marvelous historic film clips) uplifted our social/cultural history. Places is a clarion call for us never to give up, despite injustices which threaten to destroy men and women alike.

Romy Nordlinger Delves Into Nazimova

by Susan Hall, Berkshire Fine Art

A tour-de-force solo performance by Romy Nordlinger. 

Nordlinger is glamourous and bright as Nazimova, yet she captures her sensitivity and grit as well.  

Nordlinger and Nazimova give us a surprising and moving evening of theater.

Evan Caccioppoli on Places

By Evan Caccioppoli, New York Theatre Review

Nordlinger brings us into Nazimova’s life and introduces is to the many different people both good and bad that have shaped who she is. In her play by allowing Nazimova to play out all the different characters in her life instead of the actor doing it, we as any audience are shown the great storyteller Alla was. With a twinkle in her eye and a smile always at the corner of her mouth we are being let in on the secret, which makes this solo piece so exciting.

Adams Burns wonderfully video design perfectly highlight Nazimova’s story and but us back into the silent movie houses at the birth of Hollywood.

Nick T. Moore’s musical underscore and sound design create a backdrop that does not overpower the story but flows in tune with it. 

Some Reviews from the Edinburgh Fringe

PLACES-WEB-QUOTE-7-Diva flourish.jpg

This impressive production is well worth catching. The combination of acting and visuals makes for a compelling and informative hour. Romy Nordlinger gives a powerhouse performance which captures all of the grandiose movie-star exuberance along with a tinge of vodka-coated lamentation. The combination of acting and visuals makes for a compelling and informative hour; I came away wondering why this larger-than-life actress had previously slipped under my radar, and feeling disgusted at the way in which gay people were treated during this period.

– Arts Fringes

A tour de force. A magnificent piece of acting. A solo show that is intriguing and beguiling. The themes of the times are well imagined as we get a snapshot of a period that many would claim more innocent but which actually appears to be just as poisonous as today. A story I could do with hearing again as I was thoroughly entertained.


– Fringe Review

It’s a fascinating account not only of Nazimova, but also of Hollywood prejudice and how it can destroy the careers of its brightest stars. Accompanying video footage that includes denunciations of homosexuality from, amongst others, Donald Trump and Margaret Thatcher shows why there is more at stake today than just restoring Nazimova to her place in Hollywood history.

– The Reviews Hub

With the requisite imperious diva flourish, Nordlinger effectively paints a portrait of an independent thinker who trailblazed against the odds.

The Scotsman


PLACES: Romy Norldlinger on Becoming Alla Nazimova

Jody Christopherson, Huffington Post, July 6 2017

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Gareth Vile, The Vile Blog, June 22, 2017

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This annual festival celebrates those vigorous American salmon preparing to swim into the shoals of the Edinburgh Fringe this year.

59E59 Theaters Announces 2017 East to Edinburgh Festival Lineup, Broadway World

59E59 Theaters announces the 2017 line up for the annual EAST TO EDINBURGH festival. EAST TO EDINBURGH begins on Tuesday, July 11 for a limited engagement through Sunday, July 30.


Talkin' Broadway

Romy Nordlinger’s Places – the story of the most famous broadway and silent film star you’ve probably never heard of - Alla Nazimova - to have its World Premiere at 59e59 Theaters as part of East of Edinburgh before traveling to Edinburgh Fringe.

Brian Ferguson, The Scotsman

The venue, which is the headquarters of the Grand Lodge of Scotland and dates back to 1911, will also be hosting live music, theatre and dance events during August. These include a play about Alla Nazimova, the Russian actress who became a huge Broadway star after emigrating to the United States in 1905.